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Infrastructure Services

Automation of Infrastructure provisioning and code

Infrastructure is the combination of software, hardware, and network involved in developing, delivering, and monitoring any IT service. Infrastructure services at Infomate revolve around technological requirements that are fulfilled by providers. This helps in reducing human intervention and hence increases productivity in a short time. Including these communication services like email and collaboration tools, Networking Services like device and internet connectivity, Data Processing and storage services like cloud infrastructure and databases, and Content and Media Services for managing and sharing audio/video information, we at Infomate LLC offer a complete collaborative atmosphere for optimized working. Our infrastructural services also include the security and maintenance of the services.

Why is Automation of Infrastructure required?

IT services consist of repeated processes. Human involvement in them comes with the risk of errors.

Infrastructural automation is needed:

  • To run redundant processes with no error
  • For automation of the application infrastructure
  • The software is set-up with customized instructions required for your application and hence runs with no manual intervention.
  • Automation is time-efficient
  • Staff can utilize the saved time to work on more thoughtful tasks

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