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Data Management and Analytics

With an increasing adaptation of new technologies like cloud services, the data that we put up is also increasing. For the smooth functioning of our organizations, we need to use this data efficiently and make sure it is secured from hackers. This is where Infomate LLC comes into the picture. Data management is one such concept that enables you to practice systematic collection, secure use, easy access, and updating of data. This technique is employed by organizations to organize their databases on cloud platforms for the development of various applications. In case of data loss, it is easily retrievable if data management is used. Data management systems consist of databases, big data systems, data lakes, and warehouses.

Examining and observing data to make its best use to maximize profits, we at Infomate LLC make sure of the data analytics techniques at the best. Data Analytics generally has two steps, first is Descriptive analysis wherein the whole data is summarized in a meaningful manner and the second is Advanced data analytics in which some advanced tools are used to extract patterns and make predictions from the given data. Hence, descriptive analytics answers ‘What happened’ questions, and advanced data analytics answers ‘What if questions. This is how conclusions are drawn out from databases to optimize the products and services.

Scope of Data Management Services at Infomate

  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data migration, sensitively
  • Complete Data Security
  • Complete data quality management
  • Data architectural audit conduction and monitoring
  • Management of Master/ Meta Data
  • Data governance
  • Business intelligence
  • Automated data processing and management facilitation

Log Analytics and IT Analytics

Log analytics is another data management tool used by Infomate that helps in gaining useful insights from the integrated data by querying and visualizing it. We help you implement the same and get the much-needed help in identifying red flags, data patterns, and problems. 

IT analytics is one of the processes used at Infomate to collect, observe and report data used by IT teams to create strategic patterns for improving their applications. It is also known by the name IT operations analytics (IOTA). Enabling you to find the root cause of unknown errors occurring and an insight into the potential solutions, we at Infomate LLC assist you in all.  We help you in monitoring the prominent patterns in your data and develop real-time applications around the same. ETL and Log analytics are types of IT analytics.

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