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Cloud Service

Cloud Services at Infomate LLC are a variety of services like data storage, management tools, application firewalls, etc., that are accessible with any general device and an internet connection from anywhere on the globe. Convenient and inexpensive, they enable employees and students to use online resources remotely, as and when needed, without the complex infrastructure or installing any software. At Infomate LLC, we equip various industries with virtual desktops, emails, servers, project management tools to help their business become more agile, reduce costs and workload, and stretch worldwide. Our cloud services are maintained and hosted by service providers and hence come in very handy. Clouds have many categories like IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), Paas (Platform as a Service), Saas (Software as a Service). These services are readily available on platforms like AWS, Microsoft AZURE, OCI, and Google Cloud, using which we facilitate complete innovation.

  • Manage risks for accelerating your business
  • Bringing innovation and security under one umbrella
  • Quantifying the job with completely safe and secure access controls
  • Unifying an organization and its sub-heads to accelerate business based information sharing
  • Expert-based understanding and frameworks for total results
  • Governing your data and business deliverables
  • Threat management
  • Risk analysis

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